TV Headphones for the Hard of Hearing

TV headphones for the hard of hearing are the ideal way to enjoy your favourite programmes without turning the volume right up and disturbing others. TV listeners and headsets can prevent those with hearing loss from missing out on quality television by providing the user with their own unique and bespoke volume and tone settings whilst others can continue to watch at their preferred volume.

TV headphones and listeners let you engage and watch television programmer you love. Wireless TV Listeners let you listen at the volume that is most comfortable for you without the need to change the volume on the television for other viewers. This means that you, the whole family or your friends can all enjoy the same programmer at the right sound levels, all at the same time.

How TV Headphones Work

What makes the hard of hearing TV headphones so helpful for those with hearing loss is that they put emphasis on dialogue and provide clarity of the voice, speech, tone (bass and treble) and different pitches.  Our range of Wireless TV Listeners is designed to help with that ever-present challenge of the volume being too loud for one person and not loud enough for another.

  • Wireless TV listeners consist of a ‘base station’ that is attached to your television, computer or music player.
  • An infrared signal then beams the sound to a pair of comfortable headphones.
  • Select the volume you need and enjoy programmes and music at the right sound level for you.

Different models will have varying levels of amplification with some models amplifying up to 125dB,  strong enough to let you move without interfering with the quality of the sound.

Wireless TV Listeners to Consider

We have a vast collection of Wireless TV listeners, TV headphones and headsets to help improve the television and sound experience for you.

Many TV headphones reduce the noise so that the sound that you hear is with improved quality. TAssistive listening devices let you control not only the overall volume but adjust it for the different ears, as it is common that hearing loss in one ear can be greater than in the other.

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